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 Had a followup yesterday. Got new films taken, and the doctor said the bone is healing well:

(click on image to see the other x-rays taken)

He removed the restrictions on my using the arm, meaning I could have started to build strength again, and go riding, and eventually climb again. Except there was one slight problem. 

See, my wrist. 

Notice how it's not in place there? Well, the hope was that with the PT of the last month or so, we'd be able to get it back in there. No such luck.

So now, the plan is to have another surgery, next week, to repair it. Since it's (hopefully) soon enough after the accident, they can open it up, reduce the ligament there, and put a pin to keep the bone in the right place. Then another month in a cast, and more PT.
This is the *best* case. If the surgery fails (about 10% chance that  the ligament is too destroyed), I  have two choices. One, is to do nothing, and see what happens, and treat that (probably arthritis? not sure). The other options is to reconstruct the ligament. This means a much bigger deal, involving cutting a piece of my tendon, and basically tying it around my wrist to hold things in place. That surgery only has about 50% chance of succeeding, and a much more difficult recovery process. And even if it all goes well, it's not really clear to me if I end up with a full recovery.

So yeah, haven't been doing very well with my saving throws past few weeks. 
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 Cast came off yesterday, and stayed off. Instead, I have a splint I'm supposed to use while sleeping, to protect my wrist, but as far as the broken bone goes, I'm all set to start hand therapy. That, however, will probably take a few weeks (like 8) before I can actually start *using* it for much more than typing or carrying a box of tissues. So no riding yet, nor climbing, nor well, picking up stuff.

Still, I can scratch it, and wash, and type, and drive, and use a mouse, and touch people! It's really quite an improvement. I'll post new pics of the scars once the medical tape falls off.

So, yeah, woo! :)
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 When I was at the hospital, I had a bracelet on that said 'Fall Hazard'. But the way it was taped, the 'F' was covered, and it read 'all hazard'. I think [livejournal.com profile] deliriumsama decided to start using that as my new nickname. Color me amused.
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 Look. my plates, you can see them!

Went to get my stitches removed today, the Dr. said we should wait another week. Got to see my cool scars though, they'll be pretty impressive when they're done cooking.

Then I mentioned that I have a pain in my wrist sometimes, and found out it's not quite healing right... So I now have a giant cast on my entire arm, above the elbow to my fingers. ARG.

I was really hoping to start PT today, but no - another month before I even begin to recover.

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Wake up

You're comfortable, on a level and plush surface

Your eyes are closed, but you're aware of a bright light behind your eyelids

Someone is talking to you, you know they have been for a while

They are operating on you in some way, there is slight pain, but you are not alarmed

As they tell you what they're about to do, you feel a tugging here, a pinch there, a stab of pain elsewhere


Carefully wiggling parts that aren't being worked on, you figure out you're prone

Pain in your left arm, where The Voice is working

Pain in the right foot

Pain in the right arm

Pain in the back of your head

No sense of how big a space you have - might hit something if you wiggle the toe too much

Pain in your right eye, it wasn't there a second before, was it?

Understanding that you're injured, you don't really want to figure out where more pain might be hiding. There might be something larger you forgot, and it might be unbearable to remember.

You suspect that if you start freaking out, you won't be able to stop, and there will be Damage.

holy crap, terrifying.

Comply with the Voice's commands, maybe when They're done, you'll be at a stable point to figure things out.

You hope you don't freak out when you find out they're removing an arm, or are aliens working on you in a cave, or whatnot.

This is how I woke up, at 2am, with the nurse replacing my IV line. One of the scariest, most bizarre experiences of my life.
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 Oh, so stuff happened. Ouch.

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