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Riding home last night, I noticed a rhythmic bump on the bike.  Took me a while to figure out if it was on the road, or on the bike.  By the time I decided it must be on the bike, I was losing air in my rear wheel.

"Oh great, a flat."

Pull over, get on the sidewalk, and replace the tube.  It's not too cold out, not a big deal.  But as I was checking the new tube is in place properly, I notice there's a problem with the tire itself...  Yes, that's a hole the size of my thumb.

Damn, guess I'm not going to be riding home.  Ended up walking about a mile to a bus stop, and taking that home - so pleased the buses here have bike racks on them!

Today, I went to the bike shop, got a new tire, and while I was there, had them replace my cassette, which I somehow managed to bend:

Now, all that's left is to see if I can get some of those bike-commuting tax money that was passed with the big bailout!

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