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MLK day, it's an optional holiday at work. Perhaps I should have taken that option...

Got up on time, dark, gray out, seems windy. Oh well, get dressed, get on the bike, head out.

Once I was out the door, I found out that it's also raining. Hmm, maybe wearing these jeans isn't such a great idea, but no time to change now!

2 blocks down I notice I left my iPod at home, oh well, no music for me.

Get to BART, the shuttle is already gone. Perhaps it wasn't running today at all? No matter, need to find an alternate route.

Look at the bus schedules, find that the C bus should be by in about 3 minutes, sweet.

Search and look and eventually find the bus station wait there.


@$#@, it's MLK day, bus probably isn't running it's weekday schedule. Stupid weekend schedules.

Wait! If everything is on the weekend schedule, I could take the bike on BART!

Ask the station manager, got an "uhhh, you might be okay?". With that ringing endorsement, I get on the platform. Next train is in 20 minutes. Did I already fuck the weekend schedule? Good.

On the train, long ride, most people get off in SF, I'm able to sit and read until Millbrae.

There, figure out which side of the platform I need on CalTrain, see a train approaching, run for it, make it.

As an afterthought, ask the conductor if the train stops at Palo Alto. I suspect I would have ended up in San Jose if I didn't ask, because the answer was "No! But we do at Menlo Park". Fine, only a few extra miles ride, not a big deal.

Train stops. PA says "Ladies and gentlemen, the train has stopped...". We all share a laugh in the bike car "Yup", "Figured that part out", "Perhaps a why we stopped would be more interesting?".

... 30 minutes pass ... I send a text message to the breakfast chef at work that I'll be late, but if he saves me a burrito, my morning would improve greatly.

Eventually, we get going again. I get off at the station, try to figure out which direction I need to go. Thankfully, having a GPS in my pocket actually paid off (and knowing how to unlock the phone with my nose so that I don't have to take my gloves off!). Ride.

On the way, thinking about all the things that went wrong I was thinking "at least I'm fairly dry". Cue *heavy* rain. My pants (which I thought were wet before) get soaked through in about 30 seconds. And my shoes (which *were* dry before) fill with water.

"At least my torso is dry, I shouldn't get sick!". Sudden feeling of wetness in my elbows dripping down to my hands.

"FUCK YOU POSEIDON! I'm getting to work and there is *nothing* you can do to stop me!". Heavy winds. Heavier rain. I don't care about time anymore, or speed for that matter. I'll be in my granny gear, being passed by joggers, I will get there!

Eventually, I do. I roll into the cafeteria (which has stopped serving breakfast 30 minutes ago). I drip there, waiting to be noticed. My guy sees me, goes to get my burrito that he has saved... and it's gone. He comes through though, and makes me a fresh, hot, tasty breakfast. The day *does* improve.

Getting to my office, I strip down as much as would be appropriate in the office, and lay down my soaked socks, gloves (inside out), hat on a towel I happen to have. I should start keeping a pair of shorts here, would have been nice to get out of the wet jeans.

But I made it, and only 30-60 minutes late. Take that, weather.

(why do I have a feeling that payback might be on the ride back home? ;)

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