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I know I haven't written anything about the climbing trip yet, but the pictures have been posted.

Not really going to post about it now either, but I wanted to share my experiments with photo stitching.  The first morning, I got up at a silly early hour, enough so that I was up and about to see the sunrise.  I walked up to the top of the hill near our camp, and just snapped a series of pictures of the mountains around - no tripod, not really even stopping for each picture, just letting the camera grab them as I was spinning.

The original 9 are posted with the rest of the pictures linked above.  Then, I sat with gimp, and just tried connecting them.  It worked kinda ok, but the picture boundaries were really obvious (click to see the whole thing):

Then, I tried (still with the gimp) to see if I can hide the boundary lines a bit - mostly smudging, a little bit with the stamp tool (click to see the whole thing):

Better, but the exposure still needed correcting.  Then, today, Xavier mentioned Hugin, and I figured I'll give it a shot.  I think it really worked quite well (click to see the whole thing):

I think next time I'll try it with a tripod though - you can certainly see the movement as I spin to the left.

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