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Talking the other night to WBR, we were playing around with the idea of a playlist with a song for every hour.  There are a few trivial answers, but some hours are hard to figure out.

I posted this to twitter/facebook, and got a few suggestions.  I'll compile this list (and update it as more come in).  And no, rock around the clock doesn't count.  Actually, I figure each song should appear at one slot only.

"Round Midnight." / Dexter Gordon

These don't quite count:

2 Minutes to Midnight / Iron Maiden
One Minute to Midnight / Justice
10 Seconds to Midnight / by The Divine Comedy
1am One O'Clock Jump - Count Basie
1 AM / The Subways
2am2 AM / Iron Maiden
3am3 AM / Matchbox 20
3 O'Clock in the Morning / Dexter Gordon
Wednesday morning, 3am / Simon & Garfunkel
4am"it's 4 in the morning, the end of December..." - Famous Blue Raincoat / Leonard Cohen
"Four a.m. in the morning, carried away by a moonlight shadow" - Moonlight Shadow / Mike Oldfield
"It's 4 O'Clock in the morning and eeeyts starting to get-ta light." - Promise Me / Beverley Craven
5am"it's 5am and your are lisssstening to Los Angeles" - Screenwriter's Blues / Soul Coughing
6am "Six o'clock already, I was just in the middle of a dream " - Manic Monday / The Bangles
 "saturday morning, baby / who's going to play with me? / 6 in the morning baby"
 "6 am, day after christmas...." / Ben Folds Five
7am 7 AM / Deep Blue Something
8am 8 AM / Tom Helsen and the Summer Obsession
9am 9 AM / ATB (Instrumental)
11amNot quite counting this:
 11:11 / Rufus Wainwright
noon "Look at that big hand movin' round Nearin' high noon" - Ballad of High Noon / Tex Ritter
3pm "Now it's three in the afternoon and I can't leave too soon, saying 'Thank you, I had a nice...time." - Cradle and All / Ani DiFranco
5pm Five in the Afternoon / Panic in the Disco
 Six O'Clock / Lovin' Spoonful
7pm "It’s seven o’clock and I want to rock
 Want to get a belly full of beer" - Saturday Night's Alright / Elton John
9pm "It's nine o'clock on a Saturday..." - Piano Man / Billy Joel
 Step Into My Office, Baby / Belle and Sebastian
10pm "Ten o'clock and I know I gotta hit the road" - Detroit Rock City / KISS
11pm Elevent O'Clock Tick Tock / U2

Fill in the blanks!

More guidelines:
- I'll write down close matches (2 minutes to midnight), but won't be too happy with them.
- Song titles are ok, but in the song lyrics is much better.  This applies to instrumentals too.  The idea is that you hear the song, and you should be able to hear the hour in question.
- No, I'm still not writing down "Rock around the Clock" for any or all of these.
- I think I'm not going to add more entries for hours with 2 or more entries.  Unless it's a really obvious one that more people (read "I") will know. ;)

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